Millions of Morning Suns

This is a letter from an initiate to his Master which was read out during a meeting in 1977 and is reproduced here for the stimulation and emulation of all!

Since reporting to the Satguru last month, I am very grateful to the Satguru for leading me to higher and higher Regions. In this connection, I crave the Satguru´s indulgence for narrating, in brief, my experiences.

During the last week of December, every day the pull by the Sound Current was very great. One day when it became very intense, and I was about to cross some boundary-like-line place, Kal stood in front of me with terrible-looking chakras, and seeing that vision I almost collapsed. I even forgot the Five Names, but appealed to the Satguru. Immediately the Satguru appeared and the vision of Kal vanished.

Then the Sound Current was so intense and was like the roaring of thousands of airplanes, thus it was pulling me. At that stage, something appeared to snap and I was free to go forward, led by the Satguru. The Satguru then asked me to look down and see the whole creation below and how Kal is managing the whole thing: how `Pralaya´ comes and other things terrible to behold.

In the new region entered, it was semidarkness, with occasional lights. As I was led forward, the darkness became less and less, and finally it was all brightness itself. In this new region the individual appearance is only from above the forehead; below there is nothing that is, there is no form visible. I saw a grand palace of gold and diamonds, and there saw a most beautiful person, with a flute, and heard the enchanting music from that. I have so far not seen any such person (it was not Krishna at all).

I saw Satguru as a huge and tremendous mass of light and felt that He is the Highest. I saw a strange sight of how Satguru is holding all the satsangis, each one as if by a string, and whenever He wants to pull anybody up, He seems to pull the string and the particular satsangi begins his upward journey. I also saw how the Satguru is protecting my husband, facing Himself all the onslaughts made against my husband. I also heard the sound of the `Shank´ (conch) and many things shaped like `shanka´.  Satguru wanted to test me and told that all riches will be mine for the asking, but I implored Satguru that my only desire is for `Satguru Charan´ and nothing else. In case Satguru gives riches or anything, it will be first utilized in His Seva. I also told that my entire riches and everything is Satguru Himself and nothing else.

On the 9th instant, feeling very weak, I was sleeping (resting) and continuing simran. When I woke up (or came out of that condition) I found myself sitting and Satguru standing in front of me. I have never seen Satguru like that before. Satguru was visible as a mass of most brilliant light as if crores of morning suns were rising. During all these days of meditation, I was always feeling dissatisfied and wanted to go further on. But after seeing the Satguru today, I felt so happy and satisfied.

After the above experiences, every day I am being shown the lower planes one by one, slowly, and making me understand the working of the various places on our way upward. The method of human birth and other secrets of creation were being shown to me.

When I follow the Satguru, at first I can see the full form of the Satguru; then, as we progress, I could see upwards of the chest, upwards of neck, upwards of forehead, and, finally, I could see only the turban worn by the Satguru. At this stage, I see a barrier, so to say, a net-like thing, and beyond that one huge mass of light, seeing which I exclaimed ‘l am that’, and began jumping with joy. I felt that I was myself part of the Light, and I was told to break through the net-like thing, and go forward. Satguru also told me that since am not quite strong, I shall be taken up, bit slowly. 

I have nothing in this world which Is more precious than the Satguru. If I do not see Him even for a few hours in the day get completely perturbed. I only crave His Grace and implore the Satguru to lift me, a tiny human dust, to at least become the dust of the Feet of the Satguru. I do not crave for worldly riches nor honor, I only implore the Satguru for His Kind Grace, in whatever shape it may be.

I bow down humbly at The Most Sacred Lotus Feet of the Param Sant Satguru.

1. Spiritual Link, July 1980

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