Naam or Sweetmeats?

Back in the days parents would bring their kids to the Great Master Sawan Singh of Beas, so that they can get initiated on the Path. It is well known that Master would ask the kid – What would they prefer – Naam (Initiation) or “Sweetmeats”? Most would say sweetmeats and the Master would give them the sweets. Few who would say Naam were given the initiation. There is a reference of it in the below letter from the 1930s which the Great Master wrote to an American disciple. Great Master also makes a prediction that America is to make great advances in Spirituality in times to come.

July 15, 1937

My Dear Son,

I have just received your kind letter, recommending Mrs. Martha E. Hill for this Path. I thank you most cordially for your kind interest, and shall be pleased to accept her into our California family. I am writing to her and to Mr. Myers to that effect.

Yes, it is very unusual thing for boys so young as the Sullivan boys to be so keen and sincerely interested in spiritual matters and ready to seek advancement. In our last big Satsang here a little girl, about ten years old, came forward and asked for Naam (Initiation). I asked her which she would prefer, Naam or a nice big bunch of sweetmeats. She very promptly answered: “Sweetmeats.” It simply meant she had no proper understanding of what she was asking. But in your country, I am sure many youngsters are more advanced in intellect and more ready to assume heavy responsibilities. Here we have many asking for Naam simply because their friends or relatives have taken the Initiation, so we have to reject many. But it seldom happens that one has to be rejected from your people, because when anyone is ready to ask for Naam, it means that they have travelled a long way up the grades, and are actually ready. Otherwise, they would not have asked for it.

I am pleased that you are getting together a fine group of seekers on the Path of Sant Mat in your section of country. May that number increase, for the foundation must be laid in America for the very great work. That country is to make great advances in spiritual things, leading the whole world of Western civilization. You who are in the vanguard now are doing a greater work for humanity and especially for America that than you perhaps fully realize. Large numbers there are simply waiting for the matter to be properly presented to them. The inner preparation has been made. When the Western World has accepted the Science of the Masters as their inner Guide to all that is worthwhile, then a new civilization must spring up. A new age must be born. I am glad we are gathering together so many good and sincere workers and students who will help to spread the Word. Of course your first duty is to take your own souls up, and then to help others.

With love and best wishes for your own rapid unfoldment and happiness.

I am affectionately yours,


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